Hypnosis Programs: Rates & Packages

Information about upcoming group classes and workshops and hypnosis training and certification

Regular rates: Adults: $125 (1-hr session) $175 (90-min session)
Children and adolescents 6-18: $100
College students with ID: $90
Package of four sessions

4 x 1-hr sessions: $450
4 x 90-min sessions: $650
4 x 1-hr children/adolescents: $380
A package of four sessions is recommended for most issues, and sometimes additional sessions may be necessary. Clients learn self-hypnosis and practice it between sessions. The package also includes recordings and other materials to use at home. If you wish to work on an issue for which you have a formal diagnosis, please provide a referral from your doctor.
Transpersonal hypnosis: $175
90-minute session: past life regression, deep transformational work (Esdaile State and beyond).
See my Transpersonal Hypnosis page for more details
Weight Management Program: $500
5 one-hour sessions

Includes mp3 recordings, worksheets, and other materials. Weight management is not just about food. Environmental cues and triggers, core beliefs about yourself, the attitudes of loved ones, and emotional associations with food are all very important. I take a holistic approach to weight management and address it on a number of different levels. Clients may or may not be overweight, but all are struggling with their relationship to food in some way. If you have a diagnosed eating disorder, I am happy to work with you as long as you are simultaneously under the care of a licensed health professional (clinical psychologist, physician, social worker, psychiatrist etc.).
Tobacco Cessation Program: $500
5 one-hour sessions including pre-quit session.

Smokers seek help at varying stages in the process of quitting smoking. Many smokers do NOT want to quit so congratulations if you are even reading this! Perhaps you are just starting to think about quitting, or you may even be ready to quit right now.

This program must be paid in full, in advance, because it is part of the commitment you are making to yourself when you decide to quit using tobacco. If you are a pack a day smoker, the cost of the program is about what you would spend on cigarettes over a three-month period. For more information about smoking costs see this article The Surprising Cost of a Pack a Day.

If you are ready or almost ready to quit now, you will have one or two pre-quit appointments and 3-4 subsequent appointments, which will be scheduled according to how much support you feel you need. These can be spread out over days, weeks or months. During the first (pre-quit) session we will talk about your habit, attitudes, motivation, and current life situation to see if you are truly ready to quit. If you are, then we will set a quit date and your next appointment will be 24 hours after you have quit. You will have various materials to support you, including mp3 tracks and reading materials that have been proven to help.

If you are just contemplating quitting but not ready to do it yet, hypnosis can help move you in the right direction. We will look at the benefits of quitting as well as explore reasons for any resistance to quitting. Includes mp3 recordings to download.

Don't come and see me because your spouse or doctor wants you to quit that won't work. You have to do it because you want to quit and are fed up of the control that tobacco has over you!

Older smokers can benefit considerably from quitting smoking. Having smoked for a long time and having survived so far, you might see yourself as being less vulnerable to the harm of smoking, be less concerned about the health effects of smoking, be less confident about being able to quit successfully, or not perceive any health benefits from quitting. Hypnosis can help you get motivated to quit forever!

Dipping. People who dip rather than smoke tend to have a more difficult time quitting than smokers. While I will support you with hypnosis, I recommend that you also enroll in mylastdip.com, a federally-funded research project to help dippers quit.
Single 2-hour session for confidence boosting: $220
If you are nervous about an upcoming event e.g. making a big speech, getting married, performing a solo, defending a dissertation etc. learn a variety of techniques to reduce stress, boost self-confidence, and make your big day a success!
Student special ($175):
Procrastination...public speaking...test anxiety...self-confidence...motivation. Struggling to meet your deadlines or worried about an upcoming presentation or exam? Feel stressed in social situations? Lacking motivation? Unable to write or make progress in your dissertation? This two-hour session will give you strategies to cope with these common problems.
Refunds No refunds will be given on unused sessions in packages. You are welcome to donate any remaining sessions to friends or family.